*If you ask a question, via the comments section on this page, that is answered in the questions below do not expect a response

1) How do I sign up for a membership? Do you offer online enrollment?

We do not offer online enrollment as we prefer face to face. Simply show up at the range on a day that you would like to shoot and that we are open and pay the $90 annual fee.

2) If I sign up late in the year is the annual fee prorated?

Unfortunately due to the fact that we like to keep things simple and affordable, and the fact that our fees are very affordable to begin with, we do not prorate our membership fees. For more info please call the range – 615-406-9041

3) Who does the $100 annual fee cover?

The fee covers yourself and your spouse. Additionally, the membership covers your  children (under 18) whom can attend as your guest for free only when accompanied by one of the two primary members.

4) Is there any provision for a one time visit for non members?

All visitors must either be a member or in the company of a member, If you are law enforcement or there is a unique circumstance please call us to discuss options – 615-406-9041

5) Are memberships ever not available or limited to a maximum number of members.

No, not at this time. We strive to make shooting available to everyone.

6) Can I shoot a long rifles at the range

We do currently allow long rifles. however any round of .338 or larger must be approved by the range master prior to firing. Please call and speak to the range master beforehand – 615-406-9041

7) Are there any restrictions as to what type of firearm I can shoot at the range?

We allow pistols, rifles, and shotguns. If there is a chance that your weapon might be too “extreme” please call the range beforehand to be safe – 615-406-9041

8) Does CHMR offer a hand gun carriers permit class?

CHMR does not offer CCW courses, however a number of outside businesses use the CHMR facility to hold their classes. Call us for info of these organizations and their schedule – 615-406-9041

9) What is the best day of the week to visit the range and avoid a crowd?

Weekends and holidays are always the busiest days.

10) Does CHMR supply targets and if so can I purchase them there?

It is recommended that you bring your own targets to the range. On occasion CHMR may have targets for sale, but this is not a guarantee. We only permit the use of paper targets. You can download and print targets for free here – Click here 

11) Does CHMR offer guns for rental, and ammo for purchase, or do we bring our own?

CHMR does not offer any firearms rentals or ammunition sales. It is BYOG/BYOA

12) What is the range distances?

For range specs see our “About” page – Click here


  1. Tom Limbaugh - Reply

    I am wondering if I can use the range to fire my Barrett caliber .416 rifle?

    Thank you,

    • Guy Harrington - Reply


      Thank you for spending time with Tyler and myself today! We love the range! It is worth the $90 annual membership fee! We will be back again soon!


  2. Adam - Reply

    I’m considering getting a membership at your range, and this isn’t a condition of my membership, but do you allow holsters at the range? I was reading your safety section and it specifies on “Clear” command that weapons are placed on a bench so I’m curious. I make holsters as a hobby and would like to try them while I’m there.

  3. Tyhara - Reply

    So you have to be a member to attend the range? Do you have to have your own fire arm or do yous remt fire arms

  4. Tyhara - Reply

    Im more so looking for a outdoor range where I dont have to be a memebe and you can jst rent fire arms to shoot for the day. If this is not you guys can you direct me to one?!

  5. Marty Curley - Reply

    Hey Charlie,
    Been a member in the past I need to get my boys out to shoot, Is there a fee for this year that includes the rest of next year?

    Sorry about not committing I was a little short this past year to continue the fee. I a better place now. Love your range, feels like family!

  6. Peter Lucas - Reply

    I’m a new member-understanding the weekends are busiest, is there a day/time during the week that is less crowded so I can “hone” my skills w/o feeling like I stand out like a sore thumb as a “newbie” range member?

  7. Tyler David Wenzel - Reply

    After viewing the photos of your range I was just wondering if you REQUIRE shooters to either fire from the standing and/or bench positions, or do you allow prone shooting as well?

  8. Tom - Reply

    Was told by the RO to slow down the rate of fire, it there a time per shot restriction at this range?
    How does a shooter practice competition drills with a rate of fire restriction?

  9. Gene Durrigan - Reply

    If I join can I shoot with a Mossberg Maverick model 88 shotgun?

  10. Scotty - Reply

    Hello I am a long range rifle shooter what is the furthest distance you have?

  11. Brian - Reply

    I was a member for years and loved shooting there before moving away for 10 years. Back in Nashville now and will join again.

    One question. Back in the day we would put clay pigeons out in the middle of the berms at 25 and 50 yards for pistol targets. Is that still allowed, because it’s an awful lot of fun!

  12. Kalob Ownby - Reply

    I am looking to organize a men’s outing for a local church. Is this permitted? I estimate the group will be no larger than 15 individuals.


  13. Mike De Biase - Reply

    Would I be able to shoot a m&p 15-22 in the pistol pit and to train from transition from rifle to handgun

  14. Ken Foster - Reply

    I got a Pietta 1860 Army .44 black powder revolver for Christmas. Is black powder allowed?

  15. Sarah - Reply

    I read you have clay throwers for the shotgun range. Do you provide the targets for these or do we provide our own?

  16. David - Reply

    Are there any limitations on shotgun ammo? Other ranges often limit shotguns to slug and buckshot and I don’t want to mess up your target hangers. Thanks!

  17. Jim Sadler - Reply

    I am new to the area, an RSO from an private range in TX. Does your range allow the use, training of class III FIREARMS?
    Also, so received approval at my previous private range to use ligeall owned suppressors. Can a member get this approval?
    Again I am a current RSO.

    Thank you!

    • Staff - Reply

      Best to call and talk to RO. I dont believe there is an issue with the suppressor, but if by class 3 you mean “full” auto, there is a rate of fire restriction.

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