Membership Price Increase

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying the cold weather. I just wanted to make a formal announcement and let everyone know that we are increasing our annual membership fee to $60 for 2012. This is still an amazing price for year round shooting. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or flag us down at the range.

Happy Hunting,

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  1. Neil Harper says:

    How do I go about getting a membership? Is there a form I fill out or do I just go by the range?

  2. Staff says:

    Just show up the day you want to shoot, cash in hand 😉

  3. Robert says:

    If I pay the $60 for the membership in sep 2013 will I have to renew in jan 2014 for $60

  4. Joe says:

    Still a great price, no one can even touch this type of value.

  5. Staff says:

    Yes, memberships are from Jan 1 – Dec 31

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